An Introduction To: Computer Insurance

Posted 09/02/2016

As the use of technology increases we become ever more dependent upon PCs, Laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), smartphones and digital cameras to help us in our day to day business. These items can easily be taken for granted, but if they are lost, damaged or breakdown the impact on your business could be felt very quickly.

Whatever the size of your business it is highly likely that you depend upon the internet, emails and the benefits of using PCs allowing you to work smarter and faster.Often PCs and associated equipment are covered as part of your general office contents, but much more appropriate, wider cover can be obtained by arranging a separate Computer Insurance Policy.

With minimum premiums starting at around £250 for a year it is often more cost effective to arrange a separate Computer Insurance Policy. Unlike a standard office contents insurance cover, a Computer Insurance Policy can provide significant enhancements to your cover and cover can include repair or replacement of equipment following loss or damage, breakdown of computer hardware, and accidental damage to or loss of laptop computers (without the usual forcible and violent restriction). Laptops and portable electronic equipment can also be covered anywhere in the world.

Computer data is equally important and the Computer Insurance policy will usually include cover for the costs incurred in reinstating lost or erased data and may also include loss resulting from either a computer virus or computer hacking.

The other main additional cover is Increased Cost of Working which will provide cover for any additional expenditure incurred to prevent interruption to your business following a loss.

If your business is particularly reliant upon computers and associated equipment, or provides essential services via the internet, it may be that you should also consider a Cyber Liability policy. This type of policy extends to includes breaches of your computer network’s security which could lead to loss or theft of sensitive data leading to infringements of data protection laws or even libellous content being posted on your website.

In this time of ever increasing reliance on IT now is a good time to consider how best to insure your computers and network. All policies have differing cover from one insurer to another, but Drayton Insurance have the experience to guide you through the range of policies available and recommend the solution which is most suitable for your situation.

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An Introduction To: Computer Insurance
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