Public Liability Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance

At Drayton, we can provide cover against injury or damages claims which arise from your business interacting with your customers or the public. If they suffer personal injury or damage to their property due to your negligence, you can be faced with a claim against you.

When referring to your premises, this also includes self-employed people who work from home as your home constitutes your workplace in the same way an external office would. Public liability cover also covers when you are working at the premises or sites of your customers. If a lack of diligence causes injury to any of their personnel, customers or damage to their property, they are entitled to bring a claim against you.

Public Liability Insurance policy can be customised or extended with a range of covers which include:

  • Public Liability from £1 million
  • Employers Liability from £10 million
  • Tools, Materials and Ongoing Works
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Accident & Sickness
  • Legal Expenses including Tax and VAT investigation

With our comprehensive range of cover available, you can rest assured that we will find the public liability insurance policy at a highly competitive price that will give you maximum cover and protection for you and your business.

We work with all of the main UK insurers so we can offer expert advice to ensure your business is well protected.

Get in touch today for the peace of mind that you have the right business insurance cover, or if you want to learn more about public liability insurance costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I legally have to take out Public Liability insurance?

Unlike Employers Liability or Motor Insurance, Public Liability is not a legal requirement but should be considered essential to any business that interacts with the public. A small slip or trip injury at your office, factory or other premises can quickly grow to a claim in the thousands of pounds once all legal costs are taken into account.

How much Public Liability do I need?

Public Liability cover will normally start at £1,000,000 and can be increased from there depending on the risk presented. Some businesses need higher limits of cover due to the riskier activities leading to increased chance of a claim. However, sometimes you may be contractually obligated to take out Public Liability at certain limits of cover, for example, if you are working in a hospital, school, government buildings.

Why should I use a broker instead of a price comparison website?

Price comparison websites filter results by the cheapest premium before filtering by covers included - You could find that a policy was the cheapest but didn't cover you for some of your key business activities leaving you exposed to potential claims. They also rely on you understanding the technical questions, knowing what covers are required and providing the information requested accurately.

One of our expert insurance brokers would advise you on what covers your business may require that you had not considered, along with ensuring that all information is collected accurately. You would then be offered a quote with a competitive premium for the correct covers, rather than a cheap quote on the wrong cover.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is a type of insurance that covers you for any damage or injury that you cause to third parties while working. This could include customers, clients, or members of the public.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance typically covers the following:
- The cost of medical expenses for anyone who is injured as a result of your negligence.
- The cost of property damage caused by your negligence.
- The cost of legal fees and compensation awards if you are sued as a result of your negligence.

Do I need public liability insurance?

This depends on your specific circumstances. However, we would always recommend it if you work in a trade or profession where there is a risk of causing harm to others.

Why do I need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance can protect you from financial ruin if you are ever sued for negligence. Even if you are not found to be at fault, the legal fees involved in defending a lawsuit can be very expensive. It can also help to cover the cost of medical expenses for anyone injured as a result of your negligence, or the cost of replacing damaged property caused by your negligence.

Who needs public liability insurance?

Anyone who works in a trade or profession where there is a risk of causing harm to others should consider getting public liability insurance. This includes tradespeople, such as plumbers, electricians, and builders; professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, and doctors; and even businesses that sell or rent products that could potentially cause harm, such as stores that sell power tools or a sporting equipment retailer.

How much public liability insurance do I need?

The amount of public liability insurance you need will depend on the type of work you do and the size of your business. As a general rule, we typically recommend that clients carry no less than £5 million cover in respect of Public Liability.

Is public liability insurance compulsory?

Public liability insurance is not compulsory for all businesses. However, it is often required by law for certain industries, such as construction and childcare. It is also often a requirement of many contracts, so even if it is not legally required, you may still need it to get work.

When do you need public liability insurance?

You need public liability insurance as soon as you start working in a trade or profession where there is a risk of you causing harm to others. If you are already working in such a trade or profession, you should get public liability insurance as soon as possible.

What happens if you do not have public liability insurance?

If you do not have public liability insurance and you are ever sued for negligence, you could be personally liable for the damages. This could mean that you could have to pay for the medical expenses of anyone who is injured as a result of your negligence, as well as any other costs associated with the lawsuit. In some cases, you could even lose your home or your business.

How do I get a public liability insurance certificate?

Once you have taken out a public liability insurance policy, you may be issued with a certificate of public liability insurance. However, not all insurers offer this. If your insurers doesn't we can issue you with a confirmation of insurance document free of charge. The certificate or confirmation of insurance will show the name of your insurer, the policy number, the amount of coverage, and the start and end dates of the policy. You should keep this certificate in a safe place and make sure that you have it with you whenever you are working.

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