Navigating the World of Pub Insurance

Posted 15/12/2023

A great pub can be the heart of any town, village, or city. It is a place where people come together to enjoy life, discuss, and create lasting memories with friends, families, and strangers alike. While running a pub is a rewarding endeavour, it comes with its fair share of challenges and responsibilities. From serving food and drink to managing a bustling crowd, every pub owner needs to be prepared for a widespread of possibilities that could lead to potential claims.

This is where comprehensive pub insurance becomes a crucial asset. In this article, we explore all the ins and outs of pub insurance, focusing on the key coverages and risks that you need to consider when it comes to navigating the world of pub insurance.

What is Pub Insurance?

Starting with the basics, pub insurance – also known as wine bar insurance or public house insurance - is a specialised form of business insurance, designed to protect the landlord from the unique risks associated with running a pub.

What Insurance Do I Need for My Pub?

There are a variety of Insurance coverage options for your Pub, all of which help owners safeguard their business from potential financial losses and claims.

Here at Drayton Insurance Services, we believe in providing the best advice to all our clients. That’s why we have created a comprehensive and easy to understand list of pub insurance options available for your convenience.

Public Liability Cover: Safeguard against injuries to the public or damage to third-party property occurring on your premises. Public Liability ensures that you are covered in the event of any unforeseen incidents.

Employers' Liability Cover: This coverage ensures you and your business are shielded against legal costs and compensation demands in the event of an employee injury claim.

Business Contents: This coverage includes everything from your EPOS system, including IT equipment, to mounted TVs and furniture. This insurance cover will cover accidental damage, fire, flood, and theft, ensuring the seamless operation of your pub.

Buildings Insurance: Receive coverage for damage to permanently fixed units and floor coverings. This ensures that your pub's infrastructure is protected, and any necessary repairs or replacements are covered.

Loss of Licence: Safeguard your pub's financial stability in case of the loss of your alcohol license. Our coverage can assist with the costs associated with failed gross income or reductions in the value of your business premises.

Loss of Money and Personal Assault: In the unfortunate event of the loss of business money or personal assault while carrying business funds, our coverage provides financial support to navigate these challenging situations.

Business Interruption: If your pub experiences a loss of income due to an insured unexpected event, this coverage helps you recover and puts your business back on track, minimizing the financial impact of interruptions.

Stock (Beer, Wine, and Spirits): Tailor your policy to the unique products your pub offers. Our insurance helps absorb the costs incurred due to the loss or damage of stock, providing financial security for your inventory.

Goods in Transit: Whether it is loss or damage during transportation by vehicle, our coverage ensures that goods for your business are protected throughout the transit process.

For more information on the types of policies available, visit our in-depth guide to pub insurance policies and our dedicated pub insurance FAQ section that provides valuable insights to the most asked questions.

Drayton Insurance Services: Finding the Pub Insurance You Need

Any pub landlord will tell you that the running of a pub comes with a host of challenges. From ensuring that all served food and drink are preceded with the appropriate allergy information, to making sure employees have access to all the equipment they need to avoid injury, or even, to ensure your property is insured against break-ins and theft during the night. There is a myriad of considerations and to put it simply: there are quite a few plates spinning that need attention.

At Drayton Insurance Services, we understand this better than most, and know that managing the intricacies of a booming business can be daunting at first. That’s why we believe in an insurance policy that is tailored to your needs.

Our Pub insurance offers a comprehensive protection plan that allows for the coverage of a multitude of risks, ensuring you have everything you need. Drawing on a wealth of experience and a proven record of success, we can tailor your policy to your business's requirements. Contact us today to discuss your insurance needs and safeguard your future finance.

Talk to a specialist today – our expert team will help guide you through the complex landscape of insurance to find the insurance solution you need.

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Navigating the World of Pub Insurance
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