Unoccupied Property Insurance

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Unoccupied Property Insurance

What is unoccupied home insurance?

Unoccupied home insurance is a separate policy that covers you when you leave your home for longer than 30 days. Your normal cover will usually only ensure you are covered for between 30-60 days, so it is vital to ensure that you are fully protected.

Leaving your home for a longer period is seen as a greater risk for reasons such as burglary, leaks, and damage. If there is no one there to notice these issues, the damage can become bigger and worse by the time you have gotten back.

Unoccupied property insurance can be a minefield, but we are confident that by working with a select number of insurers - we can help.

Why and when would you require unoccupied property insurance?

Here are some examples of times that you may require this insurance policy, but not strictly limited to:

  • Extended holidays or business trips away
  • Renovation, extension, or building work
  • Probate or Inheritance
  • Hospital or care
  • Awaiting completion of a property sale
  • Investment / Rental
  • Empty Property awaiting Funding for Development

There are many a reason why you should need unoccupied property insurance, even when you least expect it. We may ask a lot of questions, but we believe that by doing so and asking the right questions you will be given the very best quotation for your circumstances - and more importantly, you will be insured! Get in contact with our team today for further information regarding your new policy.

Why Drayton Insurance Services?

When our company was established in 1997 by Susan Howard and Darren Walsgrove, the goal was always to provide our customers with the best experience that is both easy to access and never comprise on the cover. 25 years later and this is still what we stand by.

Our team is both friendly and professional, and their job is to ensure that the best policy is found for you and your requirements.

We work with all the main UK insurers, so we can offer expert advice to ensure your business is well protected. For the peace of mind that you have the right business insurance cover, please give us a call on 01603 954 054, send us an email, or pop in and see us. We are based within Norfolk, Suffolk, and across East Anglia with four offices and mobile representatives. or pop in and see us.

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