Temporary Car & Van Insurance

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Temporary Car & Van Insurance

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car and van insurance can be a cost-effective, comprehensive and convenient way for you to get insurance on your vehicle for anything from one day to a full month. Short term car insurance is available for both cars and vans and we are constantly reviewing our prices to ensure they remain competitive.

Short term car insurance provides temporary cover which can be for as little as one day, to several months. The duration of your policy is something you will set when taking out the cover, and you will not be able to drive on public roads once this expires. This can be anything from 1 week, to 28 days or longer. Dependent on the policy you may be able to extend the duration of cover for an additional premium.

Some of the benefits of our temporary vehicle policies include:

  • Online comprehensive vehicle cover
  • Instant cover from a day all the way up to a month
  • Cover for anyone ages 19 to 75
  • Get insured on someone else's car or insure someone on your own
  • Available for car's and van's
  • Amazing prices
  • Quotes in seconds - cover in minutes

The policies are fully customisable and you will be able to select from a number of different cover types and excesses to meet your needs.

If you are in need of temporary vehicle insurance, you can get covered instantly online whenever you need it, and without any hidden charges, using our instant online quote generator. Here you will be able to key in the type of cover you need, and then review policy packages from multiple suppliers. You can review details such as the cost of the policy, excess amount, and services covered to make sure you get the right deal.

If you have any questions, or need some more information, contact our Norwich-based insurance specialists on 01603 954 054, or fill in the contact form below.

Why Drayton?

When our company was established in 1997 by Susan Howard and Darren Walsgrove, the goal was always to provide our customers with the best experience that is easy to access and uncompromising on cover. 25 years later and this is still what we stand by.

Our team is both friendly and professional, and their job is to ensure that the best car insurance policy is found for you and your requirements.

At Drayton we work with all of the main UK insurers so we can offer expert advice to ensure you are well protected. For the peace of mind that you have been quoted the right insurance policy - please give us a call on 01603 954 054, send us an email or why not pop in and see us.

If you are in need of temporary car insurance you can get covered instantly online whenever you need it. There are no hidden charges and you are covered in the same way that a full, comprehensive policy covers you. Get an instant quote below today.

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