New '71 Plates!

Posted 06/08/2021

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have begun to circulate the new '71 registration plates from 1st September, replacing '21 on new vehicle registrations.

Since 2010, the registrations have been updated on a six-monthly basis and as a result tempt motorists into purchasing the newest vehicles available. However, if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle but aren't too fussed having a brand new set of wheels, having a look at a vehicle under a '21 registration plate may save you a nice chunk of change as dealerships will often put these vehicles on sale with heavy discounts when the new registrations are released.

Alternatively, going for a 'Nearly New' vehicle could save you thousands, but with the downside with these two options is that you are unable to choose the exact colour and specifications.

Whether you have a New or Nearly New car, give Drayton a call on 01603 26 26 10 to obtain a quotation for your new vehicle.

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New '69 Plates
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