Driving home for Christmas?

Posted 06/12/2019

Driving in winter in the UK can be challenging due to weather changing with little or no prior warning catching drivers unprepared, so it is no surprise that accidents and breakdowns happen more frequently than any other time of year.
Although recovery services increase their patrols over the winter months and during spells of adverse weather, taking a few precautionary steps to prepare can help prevent you needing their assistance.

Keep a clear view

Make sure that you have a high-quality screen wash to keep your screen free of dirt and grime, as smears will worsen the glare of the low sun during winter. Many are suitable down to extremely low temperatures and contain antifreeze.

Inspect your tyres.

Tyres with reduced tread will have significantly less grip on the road and reduced braking performance on wet and icy road, so look to replace them if required.
Also, if you drive in more rural areas where heavy snow is common, consider investing in winter tyres or keep snow chains.

Protect your engine

Ensure that your engine is protected by a good antifreeze and relevant engine oil, following your vehicles handbook.

Check your Battery

With the increased usage of lights and heating on top of the cold weather reducing battery capacity, there is a risk of your battery running out of charge. Check when yours was manufactured as they usually only last 5 years, along with keeping an eye for cracks or breaks in cables or poor connections.

Emergency Supplies

In case you end up with your vehicle stuck on the side of the road awaiting recovery, make sure that you have some simple but vital supplies such as blankets, torches and high visibility jackets.

Now is the time to ensure that your vehicle insurance policy is up to date and consider whether you need additional breakdown cover, by calling us on 01603 26 26 10.

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Driving home for Christmas?