Fleet Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted 20/11/2019

What Is Fleet Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles, to cover them all under one policy, thus reducing costs and administration.

A Fleet policy can be set up policy covering Any Authorised Driver to drive any vehicle on the policy or fixed to named drivers for specific vehicles, depending upon your requirements.

Do drivers need to be specified

Fleet policies are typically written on an “any driver” basis if they meet the requirements. This can be any driver over 21 or, for cheaper premiums, any driver over 30.

Certain drivers will have to be specified such as drivers that fall outside the age restriction requested or if there are drivers with criminal convictions or a certain number of points on their driving licence.

How many vehicles do I need for a fleet policy?

Typically fleet insurance is aimed at businesses with 3 or more vehicles.

Is Fleet insurance just for cars and vans?

Fleet insurance is designed to cater for businesses who will naturally have a variety of vehicle classes such as cars, vans, minibuses, trucks, HGVs or “Special Types”.

Whose vehicles can be covered under a Fleet policy?

Predominantly, the vehicles to be covered under a Fleet policy must be owned by the company but some insurers will extend the policy to cover vehicles owned personally by company Directors.

Employees own personal vehicles would not be covered; they would need to be insured separately.

How are fleet insurance premiums calculated?

Fleet insurance premiums are calculated around several factors such as claims history, drivers, vehicles and use. The main thing the insurer will look at however are the claims experience of the policy in the preceding years.

Is Breakdown Cover included?

Breakdown cover is not normally included as standard but there can be the option to include this if required.

What insurers offer these policies?

The big everyday household name insurers offer Fleet policies such as Aviva, Axa, Allianz etc. along with many more but rest assured we will approach all the insurance markets to get you the best deal for your business.

If you have any questions around your Fleet insurance requirements or would like a quotation, please call Drayton Insurance on 01603 954 841.

Article by Nick Richardson, Cert CII
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Fleet Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions