Courier Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted 09/08/2019

Courier Insurance is a specialist product requiring in-depth knowledge and experience, but don't worry as we are here to assist with our Courier Insurance specialist Matt James answering some frequently asked questions:

I have car/van insurance already - Do I need courier insurance?

Courier insurance is different to normal car & van insurance as you are carrying goods for "Hire and Reward" and requires a specialist policy to cover this. In fact, if you have not correctly sourced a courier insurance policy and have a normal car or van insurance policy, you will find that it is invalid when you need it the most, should a claim incident occur.

I work for Amazon/DPD/Yodel and use my own vehicle, can you help?

Yes, many courier drivers use their own vehicles for their courier activities, working for local depots, and we can help you source the right policy to meet their requirements.

Can I insure a leased vehicle I use for my courier work?

Leased vehicles are quite often used by couriers and insurers are absolutely fine with this, as long as a formal lease agreement is in place (generally 12 months). We can even help you source a vehicle for your business if needed, including any cameras and trackers required.

Do I need cameras or trackers on my vehicles?

This can differ from insurer to insurer depending on your individual circumstances and generally only applies to fleets but we advise you on your specific requirements and refer you to camera & tracker providers if necessary.

This would be my first courier policy, is that a problem?

No, we have specific insurer agreements set up to quote on new ventures, whether as single vehicles or a fleet policy.

Is there a minimum number of vehicles require for a fleet policy?

Yes, generally insurers will not consider a fleet policy unless you have a minimum of three vehicles but below this we can source individual policies whilst your business grows to require a fleet.

Do you have any minimum requirements for drivers?

Yes, generally insurers will require drivers to have been a resident in the UK for at least two years with a Full UK or EU driving licence for this time. On large fleet policies, insurers will give more flexible terms including having unspecified drivers above a certain age limit.

Can I pay monthly or do I have to pay in full?

Although you can pay in full if you wish, we can offer competitive finance with payments being split over 10 months, but would require a deposit upfront for new policies.

Will a Courier van policy provide cover for the parcels I'm carrying?

No, you would need to have a Goods In Transit policy, which is a product that we can also advise on or arrange a policy.

If you require any further information, or would like to obtain a quotation, please call Matt James on 01603 957015, drop him an email or pop in to the office.

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Courier Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions
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