Sleigh Bells or Alarm Bells?

Posted 03/12/2015

With the festive season now upon us, take extra care to stop any unwanted visitors from stealing your Christmas spirit.

With the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a new report has revealed that break-ins are becoming more common during the festive season, leading to theft claims rising by around 20%.

Furthermore, with the dark winter months upon us, it is easier for a burglar to tell when a property is empty or unoccupied – whether this is short or long term. Therefore, you should always ensure security measures are put in place to make sure your contents are safe and reduce the chance of you having to claim – after all Christmas is already a costly time of the year!

Some simple security measures include:

  • Drawing your curtains fully at night and keeping valuables out of sight;
  • Leaving a light on when you are not in the property; and
  • Ensure all doors are fully fitted with BS3621 standard locks.

If your property is unoccupied long term this can lead to more problems - One reason why insurers are more reluctant to insure such properties. Therefore, to decrease your chance of your property falling victim:

  • Ask a family member friend to regularly inspect the property;
  • Do not allow post to build up while you are away; and
  • Remove all contents of significant value.

It is more important than ever to check your Household or Landlords policy to make sure you are fully covered for any unexpected visitors this festive season – Many insurance companies increase your contents cover automatically to ensure you are covered for those extra gifts hiding under your Christmas tree, yet this can vary between each individual insurer.

To make sure you are not left worrying over the festive period and don’t suffer with those January blues, make sure you are covered – Call the office on 01603 954054.

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Sleigh Bells or Alarm Bells?
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