Jan Roberts

Inspire Norfolk

Back in June, my parents, who are 90 & 92, were telling me about their forthcoming holiday to Northern Cyprus. They were excited about it as they hadn't been away for a while as my mum had some problems with her heart and now had a pace maker fitted. When they explained the cost of their Insurance Policy I was shocked.

I immediately contacted Damien at Drayton Insurance and they called Mum & Dad pretty much straight away. My dad is totally deaf but still insists on using the phones and the staff at Drayton Insurance dealt with him with integrity and respect. He's not great with technology either and they really gave clear instructions and were perfectly happy to give me details too to make the process even smoother.

Damien and the team offered a policy that adequately covered my parents needs all at a price that was far more affordable. They had a fabulous holiday and had a little extra cash to splash on cocktails around the pool.

Thank you so much Damien.

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