UK Sees Massive Increase In Black Box Policies

Posted 09/03/2016

The number of vehicles in the UK that currently have a black box to monitor driving has increased by a staggering margin in recent times, with increases of 40% when compared year on year alone.

A black box is a device fitted to vehicles by insurers that tracks speed, acceleration, and braking and journey times to identify a risk profile based on the individual results. The idea behind this is that safe and sensible drivers will gain discounts based on their actual driving habits.

Black boxes can save young drivers up to 25% on their insurance premiums, and black boxes (when fitted) show a 40% reduction in crash risk due to the tracked driving being a deterrent from dangerous driving.

At the end of 2014 there were 323,000 motorists with black boxes, now there are over 450,000. This is an increase of 40% year on year! Adding to that, in 2009 the number of cars fitted with a black box was only 9000, showing a 4900% increase over a 7 year period!

To learn more about telematics boxes, read the full article here.

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UK Sees Massive Increase In Black Box Policies
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