Underinsured? Don't Be Left Out of Pocket!

Posted 28/02/2017

Millions of Britons are feared to be underinsured, with a recent survey finding around 17% of homeowners have never calculated the true cost of their homes.

Not only this, nearly 20% of all homeowners do not know what the most expensive item in their house is and with the increasing amount of technology, it is important to make sure you are fully covered to risk not losing out.

As a private homeowner or landlord, it is vital that your buildings are valued and insured correctly; this is ideally a figure recommended by a surveyor. Should they be underinsured, this could mean that the insurer does not pay the full amount of a claim, therefore leaving you out of pocket.

As a landlord, this leads us onto Loss of Rent. Should the worst happen and you are left having to rebuild your property, the tenants will have to find alternative accommodation. This can mean you will either lose out on the rental income or be required to pay for the accommodation they find.

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Underinsured? Don't Be Left Out of Pocket!
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